Jaren | Class of 2020

Whether spreading the word of the Lord while volunteering at church camp, stocking shelves while working at CVS, or playing a round of golf, Jaren can be found with a smile on his face. Even in unprecedented times such as these, I know he is making the most of his time while looking at the bright side of things.

Meet Jaren:

Jen: How are you passing time at home during quarantine?

Jaren: I am watching a lot of Netflix, weightlifting, and eating.

Jen: What are you missing most while out of school right now?

Jaren: I am missing the social interaction with the other people within the school. 

Jen: What’s the story behind your name?

Jaren: My Mom and Dad wanted a name that no one else has. They wanted a unique name. 

Jen: Who is one person you’d thank for being a positive influence in your life? And Why?

Jaren: One person I’d thank for being my positive influence would be the Lord Jesus Christ. Through tough times and great times, he is a constant. His love for me and promises to me serve as an encouragement for my life. 

Jen: Were you involved in sports or clubs/activities in high school?  What was your favorite and why?

Jaren: I was involved in numerous clubs and activities. My favorite sport was golf and my favorite club was National Honor History Society. 

Jen: What was your favorite class in school and why?

Jaren: My favorite class in high school would be AP Calculus. It was a class that was challenging and made you think in different ways. 

Jen: What is one thing you wish your teachers new about you?

Jaren: I wish my teachers knew how much school means to me. Many students dread going to school, but I love the feeling of meeting new people, socializing, and learning new things

Jen: Can you describe a memorable moment from your childhood?

Jaren: A memorable moment from my childhood would be winning the 8u State Baseball Tournament. 

Jen: Think back to the awkward days of middle school, what advice would you give your middle school self?

Jaren: The advice I would give to my middle school self would be that “it gets better.” As you don’t always look your best in middle school, it gets better. As you may not have that many friends in middle school, it gets better. 

Jen: What music do you listen to?

Jaren: I listen to hip-hop music. 

Jen: Where’s your favorite place to go in your home town? Why?

Jaren: My favorite place to go in my hometown is the SAC. It is an awesome place to hang with friends and board around the parking lot. 

Jen: When was a time you felt proud?

Jaren: I felt proud as I was able to volunteer 4 summers of my high school at a Church Camp. The amount of influence I had on kids coming to the camp each year was amazing. I was able to teach them the Word of God. 

Jen: Have you ever had a job?  If so where?  What do you do there?

Jaren: My latest job is at CVS in Sullivan. At CVS, I stock shelves, hang clearance tags, unload trucks, and check for out-dates. Overall, my goal is to help people on their path to better health. 

Jen: What’s your dream job?

Jaren: My dream job is to become a pharmacist in a leading hospital or industry. 

Jen: How would YOU like to change the world?

Jaren: My dreams of changing the world have been a priority of mine for a long time. I wish to become a pharmacist after graduating high school. Through this career, I can help others on their path of a healthy life. As they are struggling, I have the materials to make them strengthen. Through my career, I wish to spread the Word of God. 

Jen: Speaking of after high school, what are your goals/dreams/plans for after graduation?

Jaren: My goals for after high school include graduating Purdue University with a Ph.d and becoming a pharmacist in a leading hospital or industry. I want to become a pharmacist in a leading city within Indiana.

It was such a pleasure to get to capture your senior pictures, Jaren. I have enjoyed watching you grow up over the years and into the kind young man that you have become. You are destined for greatness, just keep being you and keep setting those goals high. I know you will do big things and I can’t wait to watch you soar!

Sincerely, Jen


I’m Jennifer Thompson, but you can call me Jen. (Chances are if you call me Jennifer, I’ll think I’m in trouble.) First and foremost, I’m a wife to Zach and a mother to five. A professional family photographer based out of Sullivan, IN, specializing in love and connection — families, couples, newborns, & senior portraits. If I’m not shooting or editing, you’ll find me rooting for my kids (I’m their #1 fan and their biggest supporter), volunteering in my community, or planning my next adventure.